Your E-Mails Have to Provide Value!

Your E-Mail Has to Provide Value In Order To Have Success!

In order to get potential buyers attention, and begin to grow w relationship, you have to lead with value.  You must give the e-mail recipient a reason to want to open your e-mail and engage with you and your company.

A big mistake that many companies make is only sending e-mails that sell their product. You will have a much bigger rate of success if you first provide value and then try to sell to end users who have responded to that value.  If you only send out an e-mail that attempt to sell your products and services out right you may find this approach to be less successful verses if for every time you try to sell something you give something away of value. Here are a few things that you can offer that will show the e-mail recipient that your e-mails are value driven and worth opening.

  • Free Stuff: Giving away information can be a great way to show value and gain attention.  Everyone likes fee stuff, but it has to be value driven and worthwhile.
  • Coupons and Free Trials:  Coupons and free trials have been a long time favorite to grab someone attention and get them to act.  A key to this strategy is creating a program that allows them to share the offer with other, so you reach even more potential Customer.
  • How to information. Show your recipients how to do something.  There is value and knowledge and teaching someone how to do something allows you to be viewed as the experienced teacher.  You can do this by requiring the recipient to sign up to get free checklists, step by step list, templates, forms, slides, or detailed instructions on things that your recipient would want to know about or learn.  Using this strategy is proven to work very well to get people to opt in to building a
  • Free Software tools. Direct the recipients to your website and offer the use of some form of free software or calculation tools such as calculators, widgets, financial projection tools, rank checkers, calculators, widgets, fact checking tools, etc.  Make sure to let the users see them as much as possible.  Again also make it easy for them to share the toll with others
  • White Paper.  Write a white paper on a key topic that is important to the recipient.  Make sure to include key data and information that will show real value and make them see you as the expert on this topic.

The key is to get them to opt in and “Want” to receive information from you.  This happens because you provide value driven content and things the recipient wants. Once they opt in continue to build the relationship, and you will be surprised how much you can increase sales and revenue using an effective e-mail campaign.


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