Creating an Effective E-Mail Touches Program

In order to achieve maximum results with e-mail and build a value driven relationship with both potential clients and existing clients, it is imperative that you create a touches program.

E-Mail Touches Program:

Once you rent an e-mail list now you have to develop an effective strategic plan to maximize your sales results using the list.  A touches program is a clearly defined schedule of how you will interact with your recipient via e-mail correspondents. It is a clearly spelled out systematic and scheduled timeline of when you will reach out to the recipients and what you will use to get their attention, educate them, promote your service, etc.

The typical e-mail touches program is spread out and developed over an annual time frame. It would begin in January and end in December. It would plan out exactly how many times a week/month that you will be e-mailing the recipients and what you will be e-mailing them. The key is to build a relationship, trust, and respect via a steady and consistent flow of meaningful and value driven e-mails. A lot of company’s obtain e-mail list and do nothing but send sales e-mails to get the recipients to buy. This works in some areas of business, but it is much more effective to not bombard the recipient with just sales e-mails, but rather provide them with e-mails, information, and free items that they will find of value so they see a reason to open and read your e-mails.

How Often to Send Value Driven E-Mails vs. Sales E-Mails

Traditionally we recommend that for every obvious sales e-mail you send three value driven e-mails that give the recipient something of value. This way they do not feel like you are constantly hounding them for just sales. With this being said, every e-mail that you send you should have a call to action and it should be sales based. You just do not want to make your intent so obvious if you do not need to.

When E-Mailing Always Lead With Value

You must give to get. The key to a successful e-mail campaign and building a relationship that will produce sales is to always lead with value, and give before you get. Provide your recipients value, insight, education, free items, coupons, etc. in addition to the opportunity to buy something and you will have much greater success. The recipients will begin to trust you, value your insight, and to see you as an expert in your area vs and e-mail threat, and they will be more likely to buy your product or services.

Questions You Must Address for Your E-Mail Touches Program

  • Who you will be e-mailing
  • When you will e-mail them
  • What you will e-mail them
  • How often you will reach out to them
  • What percentage of e-mails will be sales based
  • What percentage will be value added e-mails
  • What tools, documents, educations papers will you be giving to the recipients
  • Who will develop the documents, tools, and educations papers that will be send out

Want to find out more about how to set up an amazing e-mail touches program? Simply reach out to us, and we will be glad to have an E-Mail Touches Program Expert speak with you

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