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Get e-mail list and e-mail marketing services direct.  Cut out the middleman, and get original and effective e-mail list that are the top in the industry. Why buy the same list that have been shared over and over and sold time and time again.  Get our email marketing list that are new generated, highly accurate, and proven effective.  Buy direct from the e-mail list experts, and let us help you grow your business!

  • 97% accuracy rate
  • All list checked for accuracy via top national 3rd party company
  • Ability to send through our e-mail send platform
  • 100% guarantee delivery for email blasts
  • 100% CAN-Spam compliant
  • Above average open and click-through rates
  • Over 1 million new records added each month
  • Proven, reliable, and easy to utilize
  • Top Business List (E-Mail & Physical Addresses)


Our Top 10 Most Popular E-Mail Markets:

  1. Doctors                                                               800,000
  2. Nurses                                                                 2.1 Million
  3. Residents/Fellowships                                    300,000
  4. Dentist                                                                500,000
  5. Real Estate Professionals                                1.2 Million
  6. Teachers                                                              1 Million
  7. Professors                                                           400,000
  8. Physical Therapist                                             150,000
  9. IT Technology Executives                                10,000
  10. Customized List                                                 Upon Request


Need An E-Mail List You Do Not See?

If you do not see the list you are looking for and need a list that is not currently on our website, please let us know. We are glad to develop a customized e-mail list for you.

Enterprise E-Mail Solutions offers a wide range of pre-developed e-mail list for our Clients to choose from. Our e-mail lists include Doctors, Nurses, Dentist, Residents/Fellows, and Teachers, Professors, Business Executives, and many other e-mail lists that are important to our Clients.

We know that many o our Clients may need lit that are not listed on our website.  This is not a problem.  We want to make sure you get the list you need, and we are committed to providing any e-mil list that you might require.  Our goal is to be a one stop shop for any company who needs an e-mail list, so if you do not see the e mail list you need just request a list.

The secret behind our success and ability to create such current and highly accurate e-mail list is that we have developed proprietary software that allows us to maximize our effectiveness, accuracy, and speed when it comes to creating e-mail list. Our software is unlike any other on the market. Once you let us know what type of e-mail list you are looking for, we simply plug in the key data parameters based on your list requirements, and then we create the list. No other company has the capabilities we can provide o you based on our proprietary software.

So if you are in the market for an e-mail list you do not see, simply submit a request using our form below. We would be glad to discuss your needs, and to create an effective plan to helping you get the e-mail list you need.

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