Thank you to Enterprise E-Mail Solutions for assisting our sales force in finding new opportunities that we would have never found had it not been for your services.  You made the process simple and provided us with information via your e-mail list services that we were not able to get on your own.   Execution was fast, and the idea of allowing you to act on behalf a e-mail experts made great sense to us, and it paid off ten fold when it came to increase in business that we saw.

A. Couch, Manager

We had never worked with e-mail list before, and I must say we were pleasantly surprised how easy you made if for us to get a list that worked great for our needs and then send to the list.  We were concerned about the investment that would be required, but we found that not only were we able to get a list that met our marketing needs, but we were able to have your team of experts write the e-mails for us, and use your sending platform to get  all of our e-mails out and you were still under budget.  There is nothing ore exciting than seeing sales coming from a simple e-mail.  Thanks Enterprise E-Mail Solutions!

William Brown, Co-Founder

We did not believe it possible to drive the market segment we were looking for to our website through e-mail.  The concept was just so out there, and we did not have an internal marketing team to support our desires to run e-mail campaigns.  The service seemed to good to be true.  We were wrong.  I cannot thank you enough for your professional approach and amazing results.  The service was everything you said it would be, and we are happy to still be a Customer after all of this time.  Well done!  Keep the traffic to our website coming because traffic equals sales for us!

Stacey Thomas, President