What Are White Papers

You see them every day; Mobile carriers making claim to bigger, better networks than the competitors, insurance companies promising you that 15 minutes of your time could save you 15% or more on you car insurance and credit card companies that offer a free credit score on every monthly statement. These competitive marketing ploys you are seeing and hearing are all forms of white papers. Used in direct mail, digital and visual marketing, white papers utilize facts, data and sound arguments to convince you that the products and services of one company provide more benefits and/or cost savings than their competitors' products or services.

White papers are not only used to promote cost savings and added benefits to consumers. Businesses use white papers to present research findings, highlight business tips, establish thought leadership or channel partners with other businesses by arguing the superiority of utilizing one technology, method or product for solving a specific business problem.

Three Main Types of Commercial White Papers:

Backgrounder: Describes a certain vendor's technical or business benefits offering, either a product, service, or methodology. This type is best used to supplement a product launch, argue a business case, or support a technical evaluation at the bottom of the sales funnel.

Numbered list: Presents tips, questions, or points about a certain business issue. This type is best used to get attention with new or provocative views, or cast aspersions on competitors.

Problem/solution: Recommends a new, improved solution to a nagging business problem. This type is best used to generate leads at the top of the sales funnel, build mind share, or inform and persuade stakeholders.

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