How Can I Send to The E-Mail List I Just Purchased?

There is no doubt that sending e-mails to an e-mail list that you have purchased can be a challenge.  You can buy all the e-mail list in the world, but if you cannot send to them then you are out of luck!

We know this is a huge issue for anyone who goes out and buys an e-mails list.  We see it all the time when companies buy e-mail list thinking they can just load their newly purchased e-mail list into their contact management service and start sending away.  This is simply not the case.

Most contact management software like iContact, Constant Contact, and Mailchimp do not allow you to upload purchased list and they do not allow you to send to large list of non customers or people who have not opted in to receive e-mails from you.  Violation of these requirements usually ends up getting your service shut down.  The other option of sending through your own e-mail directly to your purchased list could end up getting your i.p. address blacklisted.  Yes this is a very bad thing.  So people who purchase e-mails list often do so without realizing these key facts, and they end up wasting money on a list they cannot send to.

Enterprise E-Mail Solutions saw this as a huge issue within the market, so before we ever started to offer e-mail list for sale, we knew we would have to have a viable send solution for our customers.  No reason to allow someone to buy list from us and have no way to send them.  We wanted to feel good about providing a one stop solution.   As a result of our commitment to providing the highest levels of services and a one stop e-mail marketing solutions, we offer an e-mail sending platform that allows you to send e-mails from purchased e-mail list without issues.  What good is a purchased e-mail list without the ability to send to it?

We have two types of customers, those customers who buy our e-mail list and e-mail sending services from us directly, and those customers who use our send platform and services to send to list they already have or have purchased on their own.  We can help you either way.

Regardless of whether you are want to send to a list you purchase from us or you want to send  to the list you own, we can help.  A final thought to remember regardless of how you send to your e-mail list, always be very careful to follow the Can Span laws.  The main point here is no matter how you send through our service or someone else’s you have to follow the laws.  Make sure you are up to speed on these requires, and do not deviate from the legal and right way of managing your e-campaign.

To find out about how to send e-mails to an e-mail list you purchased or about our e-mail sending services and bulk e-mail sending in general, contact us at


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