Key Questions When It Comes to E-Mail List

Buying an e-mail list is just like buying anything else, you have to do your homework.  When trying to choose the right company you have to look closely at the attributes that are most important when it comes to a good e-mail list.  Ask these simple questions:

  • How did you come about your list (our list are created using our proprietary software.  This insures the list is always fresh and not a list that has been circulated over and over)
  • What is the accuracy of the list.  (our list are 97% accurate or higher.  We use the top third party bulk e-mail checker company to validate our list accuracy)
  • What is the cost of the list based on the accuracy (our service carries the highest value based on the return on investment you can expect from our list)
  • How new is the list?  (our proprietary software updates our list weekly, so our list are always updated to keep them new)
  • Do I have a way to send e-mails to the list I buy?  (we offer the top e-mail sending platform in the industry.  This allows you to be a able to send all the e-mails you need to without issues)

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