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Delivering a Consistent Solution

At Enterprise E-Mail Solutions, we recognize that each customer has unique goals and objectives when it comes to their corporate e-mail marketing program. We recognize the need for consistent and high quality service, and we understand that the ability to gain access to a select group of potential customers through e-mail and direct mail can be a game changer for most companies.  We have established best practices and key deliverables that insure the products and services we provide to our customers are not only the best in their class, but also produce measurable results.  We believe return on investment is key to any business, and we have developed  products and services that will allow you to reach out to your key business markets and communicate directly with them in a fashion that will not only educate them about you and your company but inspire them to find out more and do business with you.  We feel that we offer a wide variety of value, but here are a few things you should know about our proven products and services:


  • Highest quality E Mail list
  • Ability to establish a connection with potential new customers
  • Ability to segment and focus your campaign into deliverable segments
  • Full service E-Mail send capabilities
  • Dependable data, executive reporting, and tracking of the results
  • Scalability and the ability to grow the campaign upon successful results
  • Meeting your budgetary requirements 


Providing Cutting Edge Our Solutions:

At Enterprise E-Mail Solutions, we offer our Client’s the opportunity to grow through smart, effective, business information solutions.  Our database of over 5 million e-mails offers our Clients the ability to target, prospect, and list build through a simple, cost effective marketing process.

We believe in quality, and our Clients have come to realize that the quality of our e-mails and our work is exceptional and second to none.  We offer the best e-mail list in the market, and we are committed to our Clients return on investment.  Our company looks to offer services and results that allow us to build long term relationships with both small business and Fortune 500 companies.

Our services are results focused and quality driven. We take pride in providing solutions that work based on our Client’s goals and their budget:

  • Proprietary software that generates the most effective e-mails
  • E-Mail list that are specific to your corporate needs
  • E-Mail list are scrubbed and validate by top third party company in the industry
  • Technologically advanced sending system that insures e-mails are sent quickly and successfully
  • Data that shows you direct results and allows you to make key decisions
  • Proven results that our e-mails do work when matched with the right campaign
  • Ability to grow your business through establishing new and lasting relationships


Creating Relevance

To insure that your e-marketing is successful, creating relevance is key!  Study after study has shown that e-mails that are viewed as relevant to the prospect drive 18 times greater revenue than e-mails that are blasted randomly and indiscriminately.  Today’s e-mail marketer has to be smarter, and more effective to gain true results.  They have to find a way to leverage good information and being an expert at identifying the best target market.  This all starts with a list that is precise and accurate combined with a technologically advanced sending platform.


Value to Your Team

Customers who appreciate great value and great service trust Enterprise E-Mail Solutions to deliver an exceptional e-mail delivery experience.  This experience is built upon our industry knowledge, expertly cultivated e-mail list, our commitment to validating our data, and providing a cost effective e-mail delivery platform.


Client Services   

Top company’s choose Enterprise E-Mail Solutions to partner with when it comes to e-mail marketing based on our internet marketing expertise, commitment to quality, focus on the most accurate e-mail list,  and impeccable service standards.  Our team includes award winning executives and top of the line proprietary technology that was developed to assist companies just like yours.  We truly feel that there is not an e-mail marketing company in the business that can compete with our standard of quality.

We will work with your company to gain the confidence, implement your marketing campaign effectively, and to help you maximize your ability to build relationships and drive sales.  Once you become a Client, you will be partnered with our local support team to assist with any e-mail marketing needs you may have. To future enhance your program, we also offer these services that you might find of great value:

  • Content Creation
  • Full Webinar Set Up
  • Landing Page Development
  • Fully Outsourced Marketing Support

Meet our team!

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