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How Can I Send to The E-Mail List I Just Purchased?

There is no doubt that sending e-mails to an e-mail list that you have purchased can be a challenge.  You can buy all the e-mail list in the world, but if you cannot send to them then you are out of luck! We know this is a huge issue for anyone who goes out and…
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What Are White Papers

You see them every day; Mobile carriers making claim to bigger, better networks than the competitors, insurance companies promising you that 15 minutes of your time could save you 15% or more on you car insurance and credit card companies that offer a free credit score on every monthly statement. These competitive marketing ploys you…
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Creating an Effective E-Mail Touches Program

In order to achieve maximum results with e-mail and build a value driven relationship with both potential clients and existing clients, it is imperative that you create a touches program. E-Mail Touches Program: Once you rent an e-mail list now you have to develop an effective strategic plan to maximize your sales results using the…
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