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How Can I Send to The E-Mail List I Just Purchased?

There is no doubt that sending e-mails to an e-mail list that you have purchased can be a challenge.  You can buy all the e-mail list in the world, but if you cannot send to them then you are out of luck! We know this is a huge issue for anyone who goes out and…
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What Are White Papers

You see them every day; Mobile carriers making claim to bigger, better networks than the competitors, insurance companies promising you that 15 minutes of your time could save you 15% or more on you car insurance and credit card companies that offer a free credit score on every monthly statement. These competitive marketing ploys you…
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Creating an Effective E-Mail Touches Program

In order to achieve maximum results with e-mail and build a value driven relationship with both potential clients and existing clients, it is imperative that you create a touches program. E-Mail Touches Program: Once you rent an e-mail list now you have to develop an effective strategic plan to maximize your sales results using the…
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Your E-Mails Have to Provide Value!

Your E-Mail Has to Provide Value In Order To Have Success! In order to get potential buyers attention, and begin to grow w relationship, you have to lead with value.  You must give the e-mail recipient a reason to want to open your e-mail and engage with you and your company. A big mistake that…
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E-Mail Marketing Outperforms Social Media

E-Mail Campaigns Out Perform Social Media When It Comes To Conversions   Marketing is on every business owners and C Level executive minds these days.  What most business owners and C Level executives don’t realize is that in the grand scheme of things when it comes to marketing campaigns that really produce, e-mail outperforms social…
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CAN-SPAM – What You Need to Know

If you or your company send emails for business then save yourself the hassle and headache of fines of up to $16,000 per email and read this. If you have ever unsubscribed from an unwanted email newsletter, advertisement or solicitation, you owe the luxury to do so to the CAN-SPAM Act. Passed in (2003), the…
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Key Questions When It Comes to E-Mail List

Buying an e-mail list is just like buying anything else, you have to do your homework.  When trying to choose the right company you have to look closely at the attributes that are most important when it comes to a good e-mail list.  Ask these simple questions: How did you come about your list (our list…
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